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August 2009

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This started out as a one shot comic idea.

But i don't have the skills yet to draw it out so I decided to write it out as a story.

It's still a work in progress but here's about half of it.


A steady clicking echoed off of the cobblestone walls. A young girl walked next to a man draped in a black hooded cloak that drug the ground behind him. She clung to his hand, still dressed in a nightgown; they made their way to an unknown destination. The hall way was dark and wet. They were somewhere underground but she didn't know where.

The skeletal hands holding torches to the wall scared her and she walked closer to the man.
"Jonathen, where are we going?" she asked the man.

"Don't worry about that child, you're safe right now." He replied.

She trusted him and she tried to walk tall and not to be afraid, the man laughed. A few steps after her newfound independence an animal ran across her feet, in that instant she lost all the bravery she had the moment before.

The man laughed again and put his arms around her, "It's alright, it was only a rat. Nothing will harm you while I am here."

She looked up at him and smiled, "I know Jonathen," She said, "It only startled me, nothing so small can scare me!" she poked her chest out with pride and walked a few steps before him. He let out a loud chuckle.

Once they turned the corner she saw and monstrous wooden door, bigger than anything she had ever seen before.

It stood twenty feet high and was made of the finest wood, and the engravings were painted red and gold.

There was a snake almost the size of the entire door engraved on it, a cobra, rearing its head, teeth bared, large red gems glinted where its eyes would have been.

There was writing all around it, but she couldn't make it out, seemed to be in a foreign language, she thought.

"I don't like this place, Jonathen." She said as he walked past her and took a deep breath before rapping on the door three times, each time making her jump.

After a few seconds of a silence so solid, you could hear it the door cracked, then began to open. The wood groaned and the hinges creaked. She squinted when the light from inside hit her eyes. The room was very brightly lit, once her eyes adjusted she could see red and gold colors glinting off the walls, reflecting on what looked like columns with cushions and arms at the top of them. White marbles with their cracks laced with gold. The girl had never seen so much gold in all her life.

There were columns behind columns behind columns, each row a little higher than the one before it.

A woman got up from the single center column and walked towards the man, the girl stood behind him looking at the woman. She was very tall and thin, with fiery red hair that shot out in all directions all the ends meeting at the small of her back. Her dress had the same snake from the door, only this time it coiled itself around her body, its embroidered head rested on her shoulder. The girl noticed something strange about the woman's eyes, they were like the snakes eyes, but sideways, she had seen the man's eyes do this before, at the time, he had said he was hungry and that's what happened when he needed to eat.

The man pulled his hood away from his face, he was young, with a very triangular face, his eyes were normal, the girl noted, but his ear length hair which was usually white, shone silver. The girl decided it was because of the lighting.

"Hello Jonathen, I see you have brought the girl as you promised," the woman said, addressing the man in a voice that suggested she was superior to him.
"I have, this was very hard to do, they've kept a closer eye on her since the last time I took her" Said the man looking down at the girl sympathetically.

"You shouldn't take her to so many places, Jonathen, it isn't safe" Said the woman sternly.

"I can't just leave her in that room to rot, I'm her only companion. It's my duty as her guardian to take care of her," the man said defensively.

"She's an orphan, Jonathen, no one cares if she sees the light of day and neither should you" the woman turned with a smile, "I don't think you'll have to worry about that much longer, brother."

The man looked puzzled for a moment, "Damn it, Sumaria, You said you weren't going to hurt her" the man said putting his arm in front of the girl.

"I've changed my mind, you were always such a fool, your clan has a shortage of food, her blood is still pure, one drink of her wrist could hold us for a month," the woman said sitting down on her perch.

"Then have your fill, but leave her life. She's all I have left of this god forsaken world, for god sake she's my daughter!"






DUN DUN DUN DUN! Yeah I might change that last bit... too over dramatic if you ask me.

That's all for now. Probably more tomorrow.if i have the modivation.